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Why Talent Acquisition Week 2024 is one of the must-attend upcoming talent acquisition conferences this year

Top Talent Acquisition Conferences in 2024 Learn why Talent Acquisition Week's agenda and featured speakers make it a top talent acquisition conference in 2024.

Are you looking for the best talent acquisition conferences for you and your team to attend this year? If so, Talent Acquisition Week 2024 in San Diego should be at the top of your considerations.

Talent acquisition conferences offer a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices.

But with so many conferences to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your time and money, and which ones fit each of your team member’s mandates and priorities in 2024?

In this article, I aim to help Chief Human Resources Officers and Talent Acquisition leaders make the best use of their budgets as they are considering what conferences and continuing education events to invest in.

I’ll share why I think Talent Acquisition Week 2024 should be at the top of your list, including the trends they’ll tackle, featured speakers of interest and what members of your team will especially benefit from attending this conference.

Let’s not delay – let’s get into Talent Acquisition Week 2024

Talent Acquisition Week | January, 2024

Talent Acquisition Week takes place from January 29 to February 01, 2024, in San Diego, California.

This conference should be considered a must-attend by HR and talent acquisition leaders because it combines 3 critical talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategies into one conference.

Social Recruiting Strategies
Talent Sourcing Strategies
Employer Branding Strategies

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore best practices in sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding, all consolidated into this one event.

Talent Acquisition Week offers the opportunity for talent acquisition professionals to engage with industry leaders and thought pioneers spanning direct employers, talent acquisition and recruitment consulting firms, plus leading HR tech and Recruiting Technology and SaaS companies.

Over four days, participants can partake in networking, take in topics and consume pragmatic guidance on increasing candidate engagement and messaging, plus get valuable insights into recruiting and retaining diverse talent.

Featured Speakers I’m Interested In Hearing From(AND WHY!)

It’s extremely beneficial to hear from featured speakers who are on the ground like you and me applying and testing talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.

Below I outline some of the speakers I’m particularly interested in and why.

Jamie Starner is the Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition & Retention for BarTaco

Jamie Starner has extensive experience identifying, assessing and capturing top restaurant talent across various dining concepts, including Benihana and now BarTaco.

She’s also the Founder and President of Restaurant Recruitment Roundtable.

BarTaco is an upscale, street food restaurant concept whose majority investor is L Catteron.

Jamie will be speaking at Talent Acquisition Week on the topic of High-volume hiring.

High-volume hiring has become a HUGE priority for talent acquisition and Human Resources leaders the last several years, due to the competitive market and labor shortages for skilled and under-skilled labor in manufacturing and hospitality, especially within the food and beverage category.

The same goes for me as a food and beverage industry recruiter.

I’m excited to hear what Jamie has to say regarding bringing the RIGHT talent forward when it comes to high-volume hiring – it’s a topic that I’ve written about in the context of food and beverage manufacturing hiring here.

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Dean DeCosta is the Enterprise Practice Sourcing Lead at Lockheed Martin

Dean has been recruiting and sourcing military veterans for over 30 years, plus is a talent acquisition thought leader who writes extensively on recruiting best practices.

He’s the Enterprise Practice Sourcing Lead at Lockheed Martin currently.

Dean’s sourcing strategies for highly specialized, unique talent pools like veterans has had to evolve with technology changes and the rise of digital recruitment marketing tools.

I’m especially interested in how Dean identifies and attracts veterans; while military veterans and security clearance personnel are a fertile talent pool for companies, it’s also highly competitive.

Dean’s insights into the right way and the wrong way to attract veterans should be particularly impactful, due primarily to the body of work and lessons learned he’s accumulated over 25+ years.

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Blair Fambro is the Manager of Pipeline Strategy and DEI for The Hershey Company

Blair has a deep background sourcing and recruiting engineers and technical talent for companies like Johnson Controls.

What’s especially interesting to me is Blair’s history of recruiting technical talent engineers, scientists, software developers and industry-specific specialists.

In recruiting, Blair’s day to day responsibility and mandate is extremely difficult considering the competition and shortage of high-impact talent in these job classes.

Speaking as a confection and candy industry recruiter who’s identified, assessed and captured top food and beverage industry talent for 12 years, I can speak from experience that Blair has an extremely heavy lift.

Now weave in Blair’s secondary mandate to prioritize and embed Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategies into capturing top talent in these hard to fill niches?

I’m really interested in hearing how he incorporates AI into his sourcing and recruiting strategies for hard to find candidates and DEI initiatives.

Another cool thing about Talent Acquisition Week is they’ve set a dedicated time and space aside for human resources and talent acquisition vendors to showcase the value they bring to Corporate Talent Acquisition and executive recruiters like myself.

The best trade shows and industry events have made this a priority in the last several years that has proven to be a win-win for conference attendees, the sponsors and the vendors.

When industry conference organizers allocate time and space for vendor showcases, attendees are less likely to be inundated with unsolicited or sales pitches when they spent a ton of money simply wanting to learn(not buy) new tools or systems.

On the flip side, vendors can now drive attendees as a group to their vendor showcase, where they are able to address their ideal customers as a group, then allowing the opportunity for vendor and attendee to have sidebar conversations.

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Jeff Chapman is the Director of Sales for CareerArc

One of the talent acquisition vendor partners at Talent Acquisition Week will be Jeff Chapman, the Director of Sales with CareerArc.

CareerArc offers a set of social recruiting tools that have done a great job of incorporating multi-location recruitment marketing tools for companies.

The other interesting product set that CareerArc offers is automating social recruiting for companies looking to leverage their employment brand and social media networks.

For customers like Starbucks, Penske and Ryder Trucks, CareerArc can bridge the gap for Talent Acquisition teams who have hundreds of locations they need to source for.

Jeff will get the opportunity to showcase CareerArc in a great setting, plus have the stage to differentiate CareerArc’s tools from other HR tech partners.

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Talent Acquisition Week | San Diego, California | January 29th – February 1st

If your talent acquisition goals and objectives are a top priority in 2024, then Talent Acquisition Week should be a priority.

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